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Monday, 29 July 2013

Cheap & Good - Shanghai Dumplings @ Shanghai Ding

 Anytime you feel like a Shanghai Dumpling Fix, this is the place to go ...
Why here and not Dragon i ?
Simply for one reason :
RM 12.80 for 8 !!!
No fight ...
The taste of the dumplings is good and yes, the 'stock' bursts inside your mouth at your bite with the tantalizing ginger and vinegar concoction inside your mouth.
Just like 'sugar crush' the feeling/moment is Divine !

Have you ever eaten something and want more but have to resist because of the price ?
Well, at Shanghai Ding this does not happen ...
With such an affordable price you can have trays and trays of it without thinking twice, to your heart's content ... 
Ok maybe some thought on the waist line ...
 The noodles, dim sum and other side dishes are ok.
The fish pot is a popular one.

 Stir fried turnip cake is a MUST order.
 Foodie's suggestion ...
Pick a weekend stroll with a couple of buddies, order Shanghai Dumplings to your heart's content,
oh yes, no sharing please ... one tray per pax is Foodie's style :-)
Share the Stir Fried Turnip Cake
Nice pot of chinese tea
Sit, talk, eat and be merry :-)

Treasure Friends
Treasure Food
Treasure Life

Shanghai Ding House of Dumplings
Block H, 4/G
Persiaran Bayan Indah
Bayan Bay
11900 Penang

Tel: 04-6441644

Thursday, 25 July 2013

1 More Joins The 'Cheap & Good' List - Aji Noren @ Prima Tanjung

 Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant 味暖帘日本料理
98-G-35, Prima Tanjung,
 Jalan Fettes, Bandar Tanjung Tokong,
 11200 Penang, Malaysia.
N5 27.047 E100 18.287

Lunch (12 noon to 2 pm) and Dinner (6 -10 pm)
Closed on Mondays
 This place has got a lot of good reviews and it has been around for ages ... ok more than 10 years, they used to be upstairs and moved downstairs.
Check out the trip advisor comments
Recently some renovation has been done and the restaurant has an extension at the back, al fresco.
Foodie still prefers the air conditioned part, just feels more cosy :-)
 So, why is Aji Noren on the Cheap & Good List ???

Here's why ...

Order the gyoza set with the Cha Shu Noodles OR
Cold Noodle set menu with a choice of rice

All below RM 30/set and you will be guaranteed Full with Satisfaction

Service is superb, fast and friendly and super efficient, even at peak hours.

Highly recommended is the Cha Shu Men below or upgrade to the spicy noodle with the spiciness to your liking. 

 Cold noodle set is super yummy and comes with a choice of rice, above Kimchi rice or the Pork Chop with Egg and Onions rice also another great selection.
 There is a great selection of food to order here.
What Foodie has recommended is the 'cheap and good'

They have sashimi at the similar price of other Japanese restaurants.
For more photos of the newly renovated area and other selection, do check out this blog

 Here is 2 sets, price below RM 50.
 Tastes good too ...

 For those who are confused, look for this road Persiaran Mas, cause the restaurant is at the back of Prima Tanjung.

 Sometimes you may need to wait to be seated, don't worry, this cat will wait with you :-)
So next time you think Japanese, why not try out Aji Noren.
I heard the set lunches are pretty good value for money too !

Friday, 19 July 2013

Foodie's Best - Most Creative and Unique - Old House Restaurant

 Ever been to a restaurant where you do not need to decide what to order?
Well this was a first for Foodie :-)
You just walk in a let them know how many people having the meal.
So, why don't you need to decide on what you are having ...
Here is why ...

The boss, Mr Tan, is also the boss of Bee Chin Heang.
His passion of cooking has inspired him to open this unique place.
He does the marketing every morning and picks the fresh ingredients from the market.
The 'menu' therefore, is based on what is fresh from the market on that day.

So, you just walk in and wait for your surprise :-)
Best thing is you know whatever being served is fresh.

 For those who have more to splurge, you can make reservations (minimum 6 pax) to try the more expensive cuisines like braised abalone, scallops, lobster dishes etc etc
Menu with prices depending on choices is available.
 Decor inside is rather haphazard with loads of Chinese antiques, ambience is quite nice.
Really is very unique, you will never see another similar place like that in Penang.
So this is a MUST visit !

 Dish of the day when Foodie went was, roast pork, char siew and roast duck platter ...

 ... pork lard (bak eow por) fried with beans ...
health freaks may not like this, check out the oil ... but its ok, only once in a blue moon ...

 ... steam fish ... really nice simple and fresh ...
So, the meal always comes with 3 dishes + 1 soup + 1 drink + 1 huge bowl of white rice.
Portions are generous.
For lunch is RM 13.80 per pax no service charge, no tax
For such fresh food, generous portion, and a surprise ...
Foodie feels it is all well worth it :-p

Here's the address and relevant information
Old House Restaurant
No.145-153 Kimberley Street.
You won't miss it - stretch of pink shop houses on the right of Kimberley Street 
10100 Penang. 
Tel: 04-2622113
Closed on Tuesdays
Business Hours  12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 10:30pm

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Koay Teow Thing @ Seng Thor Coffee Shop

                                              Food Rating            :    3 stars

                                     Kopi O Rating         :    3 stars

                                     Value for Money     :    3 stars
                                     Ambience                :   Musty, Old Penang, 'a little dirty'

                                     Breakfast and Lunch
                                     Closed on Thursdays

 Right at the junction of Kimberley Street and Carnavon Street, is yet another breakfast and lunch venue.  Very popular among locals, as it used to house the famous Lor Mee and Koay Teow Thing.  Foodie had a recent visit there ...

 Besides the 'cooked by the bowl' ie. cooked 1 bowl at a time Koay Teow Thing ... 
 you have a choice of Lor Bak, yes, even at 8am in the morning ...
 Lor Mee ... this one used to be very popular, still is among some locals ...

 Good old Kopi O - 3 stars only very normal ... no extra punch ...
 You can choose to have 'Bee Tai Bak' or whatever noodle combination you wish ...
The good thing about this stall is, since it is cooked one bowl at a time the soup is really hot and it feels really good to have it early in the morning especially on a rainy day :-)

 continuation of the choices ... Hokkien Mee and also Nasi Lemak
suppose to be famous ... 1st runner up for The Penang Hawker Masters 2012
Foodie was too early to try it ... will give you an update ...