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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cheap and Good Vietnamese Cuisine in Penang

 So glad that yet another joins the 'Cheap & Good' list.
Also it joins the 'Best Coffee' list.
This is like a 2 in 1 special then.
We have to agree that there are not many Vietnamese restaurants in town and if you are into Vietnamese food, this is the place you should come.
The spring rolls are superb with pork and prawn fillings inside.
 Beef pho comes with the basil and all the leafy condiments.
 You need to be able to speak some Mandarin cause the people serving are Vietnamese and they mainly speak Vietnamese and Mandarin.
So it may be a little tricky, bring a Mandarin speaking friend or just point :-)

 Ice coffee with milk is really nice.  It is the traditional drip coffee, you could order the hot one and watch it drip.
Foodie's suggestion
Order 1 ice milk coffee and 1 ice black coffee without sugar
then mix the two
You will get palpitations all day from the coffee buzz :-p
 Dessert is pretty nice with a touch of coffee too ...

 The place is very unassuming and cosy.
The people are really friendly.
They won't shoo you away even if you have passed their opening hours.

 Parking may be a problem, so I would suggest you park opposite by the service road and walk across the busy Jalan Jelutong.
Trust me, this place is worth the while you braving the traffic.

 Look out for the daily specials.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Penang Sports Club - The Best & The Worst

 Makes me wonder why anyone would dare to put up the sign above.
No Good, Money Back...
You must be joking, it is really no good,
and no, I did not ask for my money back.
Cause one man's meat is another man's poison.
So yet again ... although I have placed it on my NO GO list ...
this is absolutely and utterly my own opinion
just in case another French man goes besserk over the posts ...
oops error ...
should be Japanese cause now we are talking bout Japanese food
Just in case you are not a follower of this blog and have no idea what I am talking about,
please have a look at the 'comments' on this link
 So I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Set ...
The triple orange juice was excellent.

 But the chicken teriyaki ... please don waste ya time ...
Suddenly I am out of words to describe it.
The soup ... I think it's the worst miso soup I have ever had ...
 Anyway, let's not be -ve today.
I decided to move on and order my all time favourite at Sports Club ...
Chicken Quesadillas
You never go wrong :-)
So yummy
And it will sure make your day if you pair it up with the best Guinness in Penang
Cheers !

Friday, 15 November 2013

Superb Chinese Food @ Ming Garden, Times Square

 All I can say is a big WOW
When you go to Ming Garden, and I strongly feel you should, you MUST follow the dishes above.
It is not only super delicious but also the presentation of the dishes were excellent.
I would like to apologise for not taking the photos.
When I order the above again, I promise I will take photos of it.
I did not expect it to be so good as this was already the 3rd time going there.
Anyway, just so that you don't go wrong, just order the above list.
You will be utterly satisfied :-)
 The following are photos of the set menu that was previously tried.
Nothing spectacular.
Just like the routine many course Chinese food in Penang.

Generally, the food here is pretty ok.
The service is not great.
The hygiene also not great.
But just try the menu above :-p
You will surely agree with me that even though the venue, hygiene and service is not that great, the above menu is just superb and worth you closing a blind eye on the other stuff.

The location is a major set back.
If you do the basement carpark and you have old folks meeting you there, it's not very safe and also they may get lost trying to find their way to the restaurant and then back to the car afterwards.
So it may be a good idea to go with them.
My advice is not to park outside cause it is not very safe.
Other than that the food is worth you giving it a go.
Times Square is just sad, sad, sad ...

 This currently the largest Chines restaurant in Penang. 
The only one that can accommodate big big weddings ...

Ming Garden Restaurant (茗園大酒家)

Penang Times Square (77-2-28 Jln Dato Keramat)George TownPenang 10150

Opening Hours 11:30 am to 10:30 pm Daily