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Monday, 27 April 2015

Fresh, Fast, Cheap !

Have you heard of 'Chu Chang Kar' ?
Literal translation from Hokkien dialect - Tree Root
But this place is called
Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant
18 & 21 Weld Quay, 12000, Georgetown, Penang
(Just opposite Penang Ferry Terminal)

and sometimes The Restaurant Under the Tree ...

Whatever it is called, if you want 'chu char' which is fresh, fast and cheap, here is the place to be.
There is a wide selection of seafood which you choose from the 'open-kitchen' and you also decide how you want it cooked.
Also a good selection of vegetables for the healthy people.

If you are not a seafood person, you will not be left out as there is a variety of meat and chicken dishes you can choose from. 
Appetizer with chilli sauce

Coconut water - Fresh

If you have guests from afar, the whole experience is rather unique.
The ambience is different.
Walk around, old georgetown where all the murals are, take a visit to the 3D museum nearby, 
then walk to this venue.
They are opened for lunch and dinner.
One of the strengths of this place is they are super efficient.
If you are hungry, the wait is not long at all.
You may be the one wasting time choosing what you want.
Once you decide, the dishes will come your way before you can warm up the seat!

Georgetown Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

+60 12-429 2579 (Ah See)

Business Hours: 11:30am - 10:00pm (close on Wednesday)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Still in the mood for Chinese food ? How about May Garden ?

If you are an old timer, you will remember the best suckling pig is from May Garden.
Not sure if this has changed.
But if you are looking for a good suckling pig meal, this place will never let you down.

Here is also one of the rare restaurants in Penang which serves roast on a normal day.
And they do it pretty well too.

Tried this menu sometime back ...
Nothing to complain.
Plenty for everyone.
Again with festive season now, advance booking necessary.
Prices may have gone up though.

Happy Chap Goh Meh !!!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Chinese New Year Delights @ Starview Restaurant

Chinese New Year is just round the corner ...
Welcoming the year of the Goat.
Time to spend good, quality Food Time with family and friends.
Here is one suggestion.
Instead of ordering a 10 course meal, why don't order only the best or maybe we should put it the all time favorites ...

And where else to go during the festive season ?
How about STARVIEW ?
Make sure you make your reservations earlier cause they a frequently overbooked during this time!

Another trick is make sure you have these yummylicious dinners with only people you like and familiar with, don't invite too many so that there is plenty left for second rounds.
Don't invite the greedy and inconsiderate who keeps one filling their own plates with no consideration for others :-)
Sumptuous Chinese New Year dinners must be delicious and overflowing, so no one must go home with a half full stomach.

So let us start off with the large prawn salad.
Followed by the yummy chinese style seafood chowder.
Yup NO sharks fin, you heard me right, not even on Chinese New Year...
Save the sharks!
Below is the recommended menu

And of course we must have the all time favorite Suckling Pig.
Healthy cod fish after that ...

Some light dishes to go with the heavy duty ones.
Good balance ...
Have to say the noodles is just so-so.
If you are superstitious and noodles is a must have then must order it.
Happy Pre-Chinese New Year folks !!!

  1. Starview Restaurant
  2. Address: 102-B-1;;102-B-4, Jalan Burma, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Specially For The Beef Lovers ...

Happy New Year Folks !!!
Today we do a special for all the Foodie Beef Lovers.
This place is about 6 months old ...
One question for all ...
How many beef noodle places have you been that has good service, clean, people are serious bout taking your orders ie. they actually write it down to make sure it is right ...
Kang Beef House !
 If you are a beef noodle lover ...
If you are a fussy Foodie ... and don't like your orders done wrongly ...
If cleanliness is top of your list ...
This is the place to be ... 
Lady boss is super friendly.
Always smiling  :-)

 Great variety of all parts of the cow.
Check it out.

 Soup is good.
You have a choice of original or herbal based soup.
Foodie's choice ... Always go for the Original

 Nicely done beef ... not overcooked ...
 Here is the opening hours and details ...
Sorry it's on the side ...
Try it this weekend folks.
It's yummylicious ....